What an AMAZING memory book you have created! I received my 2 copies last Thursday and I have been showing them to everyone! I can't believe how many pages of memories there are! I especially love that you can remove the pages that you don't need. You have done a FANTASTIC job with this book! I absolutely LOVE it!!!

Noella S. - Ontario, Canada

I wish you could see it.. to see how your book has totally touched my heart... it's beautiful. I feel like I'm reliving my pregnancy with my sweet girl.. such special time ♥
I also showed my book at my daughter's memorial birthday gathering and everyone just loved it... thank you for giving me another way to share my daughter.


I love this book.  It is worth every penny I spent on it!

Victoria- Butterfly Release Picnic Ajax, Ontario

It is all I expected and so much more.  I love it!

Dana F. - New Jersey

I received my book and just wanted to let you know how nice I think it is.  It is absolutely perfect for us Moms. 
I can't think of anything you left out, it's wonderful!
I can fill it with my most precious memories, ones to cherish and that I will have to last me a lifetime.  You are a very special lady and have designed the most incredible book for us.  Much appreciated,

Stacy L. - Texas

I bought one of your books the moment they came out and it is beautiful. I love that it is adjustable to the situation. I got 9 months with my son inside of me and I love that I have a book to write about him and those 9 months we had.  I was looking for something before I heard about your book and nothing seemed appropriate because there were no fields that I could fill in. Your book has tons of information for me to add and feel that it really is his baby book. I love it and thank you so much.

Lareina - Alberta, Canada

My Daughter just recently had an angel birthday and this is the perfect birthday present to honor her.

Maitte - Miami

I just wanted to say thank-you (almost in person) for creating a baby book for our angels.

Gloria - Edmonton, Canada

You are such a brave and talented woman. i have been in tears most of the evening filling out Abbie's book, just remembering how precious and dear she is to me and finally being given the opportunity to write about or life together in a beautiful book. Please keep me updated on any additional pages that may become available i certainly would be interested.

Nichola H. - Belfast, UK

Hello my daughter Abigail - passed away on the 22nd September 2009 during during full term labour. Its coming up to her first birthday and it is so very hard. I had ordered this beautiful book and it arrived last week bring up my mood on a very low day. Thank you! Its everything I hope it would be and more! Such a wonderful idea x x x

Shelley - Maidenhead, United Kingdom

The interview was amazing to watch, Since losing our baby I am amazed at how many ladies have been through the same thing, But you guys have taken something so unbeliveably sad and heartbreaking and turned it into something very special.... for soo many people... to have a book that is suited for losing a baby is very special, every normal memory book is very sad to look at (memories at 1 yr and 2 yrs when you will never get to see your baby at that age). I am very glad I saw the site and your book.

Claudia - Tasmania, Australia

"You never know the biggest day of your life is the biggest day. Not until it's happening. You don't recognize the biggest day of your life, not until you're right in the middle of it." - Grey's Anatomy

August 2nd, 2010 was the biggest day of my life. I found out that the baby who was sitting right under my heart for the past 7 months had become an angel. Due to a concealed placental abruption, my little monkey was deprived of oxygen and nutrients; thus, her tiny heart stopped beating.

Becoming pregnant at 18 was not the ideal situation for neither my boyfriend nor I, but we were so ecstatic and wanted to provide a loving family for our baby. I am embarrassed to admit that for one entire week after finding out about the pregnancy I struggled with thoughts of abortion. One day, a light went off in my head, and I knew that this tiny life inside of me deserved a chance to live, to explore the world, to have brothers and sisters, to be loved, kissed, cuddled, and admired forever. Abortion was always "disgusting" in my mind prior to becoming pregnant and to this day I will never understand why I even considered it. Never did I think that anyone but me had the ability to choose life or death for my baby; however, the universe (or God) decided that my sweet baby was to become an angel in Heaven instead of a human on Earth.

As a pregnant first time Momma, one of the things I was looking forward to most was filling out a baby book for my baby. I couldn't wait to record my monkey's first smile, first laugh, first step, first word. Realizing that this was no longer an option for me, I searched the internet until I found something that satisfied my "baby book" needs - I Will Hold You In My Heart Forever, A Baby Book For Little Angels by Michelle Murray, published by Forever Heart Publishing. I freaked out in excitement as soon as I saw it! I could do one of two things: 1) Order it online and wait for it to be sent to me, or 2) Go to The Hospital for Sick Kids in Toronto, ON and pick it up at their gift shop. Because I live only an hour and a half away from Toronto, I went there the next week to pick it up. I was crying while purchasing it because I was so happy to finally have this book in my hands. It has been everything I dreamt of and more.

This book is unlike any other book I have seen. It's more of a binder with removable pages. Since miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death are all very different, the person filling out the book is able to remove pages that do not pertain to their baby's life. By doing this, the mother and/or father of an angel will never have to look at blank pages and think "what if." As Angel Parents, we carry around "what if"'s on a daily basis… the less we are reminded of, the better.

Over the past week or so I have gotten into contact with Michelle Murray on a stillbirth support group, www.dailystrength.org. Although her son, Tyler (to whom the book is dedicated to) was alive for 21 days after birth, we have all welcomed her with open arms and big ears as she shares her story and goes through the never ending grief process with us. She is a lovely lady and I am forever in debt to her for putting together such a beautiful book. Her strength is admirable, as well as her passion for spreading awareness about pregnancy and infant loss. She is someone who I am proud to say is my Hero. The book she put so much effort into perfecting has given me a little bit of peace. As a grieving parent, you are always scared that you will forget your angel. This book has provided the opportunity to write all of your memories down, where you can look back at them as often as desired and be reassured that your baby will forever be remembered.

My pretty girl, Annabelle Angel McRae, was born on August 3rd, 2010 at 2:34am via emergency c-section. Finding out my Annabelle's heart stopped beating on August 2nd made that day the biggest day of my life; however, kissing, cuddling, hugging, and admiring my baby on August 3rd made that the best day of my life.

One thing I have come across on my journey of grief is that miscarriage, stillbirth, and neonatal death seem to be a taboo subject. I will never know if this is because it happens so "rarely" and the population is simply uneducated about the possibility of this happening; or if the death of a baby is too difficult to fathom for those who have not experienced it themselves. I am still filling out the 100+ pages in Annabelle's I Will Hold You In My Heart Forever book.

I hope you are able to recognize Michelle as not only a wonderful lady, but as the face of a person who is trying so hard to help parents of Angels on their journey through grief.

Rebecca A... - Orillia, Ontario

I love looking through my angel book and it is nice that the pages are removable so there are no blank pages. I have this book out on my coffee table so people can look through it just like any baby book. I like the way the pages are phrased. It was really made for angel babies and it is perfect.

Jessica V.. - London, Ontario

I just received my book the other day, I am looking forward to actually filling out a baby book that I don't have to stop writing in after the second or third page. I too lost my little boy Connor to HLHS, he lived only 4 days before joining the other baby angels this past summer. Thank you so much for creating a book like this. I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of crying while I fill it out, but I will be able to look back on my baby's life, short as it was, for years to come, and show his big brother and any future siblings about their special guardian angel.
Carrie L.

Our first son was also diagnosed with severe Congenital Heart Disease when I was about 18 weeks pregnant (Thanksgiving weekend 2007) He was scheduled for a few open heart surgeries but passed away at 26 days due to a sudden cardiac arrest. We just ordered this book, and I finally found a Baby book I could relate to - my husband and I both said this is written by someone who 'knows'. It is beautifully written...I haven't had to courage yet to begin to fill it out - but I would also love to share this with our second son when he gets a little older. xo"  Thank you so much Michelle.  The book is beautiful!

Jacqueline L

I just ordered this! It has been six weeks yesterday since we lost our beautiful baby girl and I have been looking for something just like this! Thank you. ♥
Kindy B.. - Palmyra, Nebraska

Just a quick email to let you know that we have received our order of the Baby Book For Little Angels (it took a little over 2 months). They are wonderful – we are so happy with them. Thank you for publishing such a great resource

Kind regards

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